photopals group

PhotoPals is a group composed of members of ComputerPals Maitland Inc. with a common interest in Photography.

 Meetings are held in the East Maitland Bowling Club on the Third Thursday of each month from 10am till 12 noon. All ComputerPals members are welcome to attend, with or without camera, but having a  keen interest to learn about photography.

 The meeting agenda begins with a show and tell session where each member may present up to three images for constructive assessment by the group with the aim of assisting the member's artistic and technical growth. A group vote is taken to determine the best image of the day. The following session is for discussion on image making skills, camera technique and a “know your camera”.

 A discussion of a topic of the next month's meeting and other future activities for the group concludes the meeting.

 The group is mentored by an experienced recreational photographer who provides direction, technical knowledge and photographic skill.




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