Club Membership Fees:


Membership fees are for the current calendar year and fall due on the 1st January each year.


Single:    $ 20 per year   Couples:    $35 per year

Fees are acceptable as cash or Cheque only.

Credit cards not accepted.

Joining fees can be paid at the Club Meetings at 10am on the first Thursday of each month at East Maitland Bowling Club.

Or contact President, Coral Cox  02.4966.3530 or Treasurer, Robyn Michalczyk 0427.450.277 for further information.

Alternatively you could click on one of the links below  to download an application form which you could mail in together with your cheque or money order.


Application form PDF         


Why does the club need to charge fees?


Club fees assist in contributing towards:


  •           Purchase of hardware  and software
  •           Production of newsletters
  •           Organising of courses, including printed materials
  •           Cover of  insurance requirements
  •          Membership fees to ASCC (Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association)


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