History Of The Club


In March 2006 a public meeting, which was sponsored by ASCCA (Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association) and the Maitland City Council, was held in Maitland Town Hall,  to gauge interest in a computer club for seniors in Maitland.



A steering committee was formed and, through this committee, and with a membership of 40 people, ComputerPals for Seniors Maitland was born.  The Council Community Worker for Ageing and Disability supported the steering committee.



The club became incorporated in June 2006 and also became a member of ASCCA  (Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association).


Lessons commenced, using the Council Training room and equipment, for the first year.  We were then granted the use of the computers at all the Maitland Council libraries to teach our lessons.



The club received donations from local Lions Clubs and grants from Maitland City Council Communit Grants and VESG (Volunteer Small Equipment Grants).  This enabled us to purchase our initial computers and over-head projector.



In 2007 Management of East Maitland Bowling Club agreed to let us make our home with them.  We have always been extremely grateful to the Club for this offer as it enables us to teach, meet and store our equipment in a very friendly atmosphere.










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